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Life & Business by Design, Issue September #1 -- Stop Struggling and THRIVE
September 05, 2012

A Special Update Reboot and Thrive the ezine for home based small business owners bringing you the best tips, techniques, offers and tools to truly have a Business and Life by Design...

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Revive Your Drive And Thrive

Have you ever felt confusion and a lack of motivation in building your business? The question of; "Why am I doing all this work for?" It hits everyone from time to time (including me), and what I like to do is get a quick 'refresh' on why I'm an entrepreneur. Ali Brown, my mentor, has this new video (which is honestly amazing, by the way) sharing fascinating stats and insights on why it's women's time to Thrive... and in it she gives a quick little exercise that I found pretty powerful. You can access it here right now:

What she shares will help you connect back to your WHY. Meaning, why you decided to make this leap and begin this new chapter in your life in the first place. Remember? Hmmm... oh yeah, that's right! The WHY. Go here now and check it out. Tip: The exercise is in the first 4 minutes. But I guarantee you won't be able to stop watching... she shares some pretty profound stuff. Definitely worth your time. And you DON'T want to wait on this, because this video won't be up and free for long.

new book: You CAN Make It On Your TODD

Oh, and of course my new book is another tool you can use to build your thriving business.

Within the pages of the book you'll discover your WHY and the solutions that truly help you to build a Business by Design.

If you want to know what butterflies and your success have in common then read my new book. Pre-order you copy today and save money...

This week's Life Coaching A-Z, working with the letter W

What is your WHY?

There is only one driver in determining your level of motivation, and that's knowing your WHY.

Help comes in the form of asking yourself this vital question of WHY in a productive and positive light. It's important to be creative when asking yourself WHY. Tapping into your inner core and acknowledging WHY you are in the place you currently are, and WHY you took various actions to arrive in the place and most importantly WHY did you really take or even not take the actions you did and got the results you got. You can liken this to the concept of eating less, the only way to experience weight-loss is to eat differently, to eat less and to do more activity. Being in business carries these same principles; 1. change your thinking and 2. take more action - with structure and a blue print 'You CAN Make It On Your TODD'

Yours In Coaching, PaTrisha-Anne Todd 'The Lady Entrepreneur'

About - Coaching Leads To Success

My team and I have the aim to work with motivated people who want to turn their knowledge into cash. You might be a university student wanting to earn some extra cash, a single mum (or dad!), concerned about your financial future, a struggling employed person who really wants to FIRE THE BOSS and work from home or maybe you're a Baby Boomer fed up with a limited income and eager to build your own cash machine. Coaching Leads To Success has programmes and coaching solutions to get you high on your power, visit our web site and have a good look around or contact us with your query.

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