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Life & Business by Design, Issue August #1 -- PowerUpYourBusinessGrowthByTakingNotice
August 02, 2012

Power Up Your Business Growth By Taking Notice brings you the best tips, techniques and tools to truly have a Business and Life by Design...

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What's Happening In Your World This August?

For many people in the northern hemisphere its summer time with some taking a well deserved holiday break. Me, I've just spent special time with family and friends to celebrate my birthday and now I'm packing my bag to fly across the pond to the USA, sunny California where I'm filming a documentary about coaching and how it supports goals and success building. While I'm there I'll be meeting up with some vibrant ladies. so watch this space as we have some exciting news to share later in the year.

In fact this August is the ideal time to take stock of where you are in your business and re-adjust the plans you've make for the remaining six months of 2012.

Get thinking, re-energised and fired up for the months ahead.

Power Up Your Business Growth By Taking Notice

Power Up is a great booster especially if you are feeling a little stuck in your business growth.

All you need to do is set aside some time to go and smell the roses. Yes, that's right, take a break from your usual routine and draw in some super power from nature. You don't need long, just a few hours to do something relaxing as a way of powering up your personal batteries.

You can power up in so many ways, and as time goes by you may find that you automatically include time in your schedule to power up on a regular basis.

I've listed three ideas below that I find useful and practical to help me keep on track, on trend and totally focused. Have a go and see how you progress with your unique take on the technique to power up!

1 Breath in the fresh air in a local park, or beach or countryside. Take the time to walk and breath in a different habitat than the norm. Just enjoy the gift of breathing.

2 Disconnect from electricity and the digital world, turn your phone onto silent for just a few hours remove yourself from the net and demands of others. This is your time to re-charge, to power up and return refreshed and empowered towards success.

3 Choose to be powerful, after all your power is your essence which with the right kind of nurturing will become stronger. A strong person is totally geared towards success.

Yours In Coaching, PaTrisha-Anne Todd 'The Lady Entrepreneur'

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