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Welcome Coach Club at Coaching Leads To Success, 13 April 2013
September 01, 2014

From PaTrisha-Anne’s laptop

Learn To Think As If Success Is Already Yours

"The Coaching Club at is the place on-line where I share with you my passion for PMA Positive Mental Attitude and give you insights into the transformational world of Coaching Leads To Success.

I know you'll reap endless benefit from your complimentary membership (value: annual subscription £95)and enjoy the best tips, techniques, tools, books, programs and retreat offers so you can create a lifestyle and business by design."

I'm so happy to tell you that my latest book in the Life and Business by Design series is live on Amazon. 7 Powerful Steps To Success @ Amazon Creating a lifestyle by design and any niche business on your terms in 60 minutes a day with the power of PMA – Positive Mental Attitude.

Goodness, the summer break is nearly over and already it’s that time of year when children return to school and students of further education dive into university life. And I’m sure for some of you you’ll be thinking about your lack of freedom and suffering the back to work blues and wishing you could extend your playtime in the sun!

I’ll tell you that the #1 thing anyone can do that will move them forwards to their chosen goals.

In this edition I’m thrilled to share how you can get your hands on some easy to implement steps that will give you a powerful boost for the final quarter of 2014.

When you do get hold of a copy of my latest book ‘7 Powerful Steps To Success’ you’ll read how step-by-step you can turn your dreams into reality. I give you concepts to;

Create a mind-set that will ALWAYS give you the motivation to take the next step closer to your goal

  • Boost your core belief system to give you exactly what you want and how to get it
  • Learn the 3 mistakes people make that sabotage their goal of success
  • Understand how to make good decisions and the right choices to live a life by design.
  • Learn To Think As If Success Is Already Yours

    Satisfaction vs Making Do!

    If you’re not satisfied at how your life is panning out then there is only one thing you can do to make a difference in your life. Now is most definitely the best time to make changes and genuinely feel content with what’s going on around you and celebrate your success as you begin to transform into the person you know you were meant to be.

    So, how can you begin the process and rapidly make positive changes.

    Core Belief System

    Bemoaning lack of money, unhappy relationships, not so good business or career opportunities and poor health is all about choice. I’m not saying that there are situations in life when it’s more difficult to change the status quo, but, rather with whatever is going on in life it is possible to enhance a situation for the better. If you agree then keep reading.

    The Main Concept For Success

    There are no secrets to creating any kind of success for anything you might desire in life. The crux of the matter is that it all boils down to raising personal intention levels and carrying out the actions you say you’ll do to achieve the next goal along the way. When you decide to keep your promises, to do the work required and adjust where needs be you’ll find your success rate will rise and when done correctly skyrocket you to the place you desire most. Results can be guaranteed when you apply yourself to correct positive thinking and daily action steps to build the outcomes you know you deserve.



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    Yours In Coaching, PaTrisha-Anne Todd, Author, Coaches In Business Mentor, Speaker

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