7 Powerful Steps To Success

7 Powerful Steps To Success...a unique book from the 'Life and Business by Design' series.  If you're looking to raise your lifestyle to the next level and find a solution to achieve your goals once and for all, then this book is for you. PaTrisha-Anne takes you step-by-step through a specific success model that guarantees success in any area of your life that you choose to improve and create a lifestyle by design.

Capturing your VISION of where you want to be and knowing what you need to do to create what you want and see exactly what you need to do in the next 90 days to start your business and what to do in the next 6 months and beyond to build your business. 

In the book I explain the exact action steps you need to capture your VISION.

Your Success Is My Goal

7 Powerful Steps To Success have you got your copy yet?

"During my +30 years professional Life Coaching  and Trainer career I've known the experience of success and failure.  At times it's been like a roller coaster ride with ups and downs.  I've searched and tested various 'success systems', the results were always the same, I would gain a little but then lose a lot more, the so called 'wins' were not long lasting it truly was a yo-yo effect.  

So, I decided enough was enough and to take back control of my life and create my own success system that I knew would work, would always get me to goal and give me the kind of permanent results I really wanted.  I needed a set of steps to transform my life that would sustain my journey as I moved towards goal and last a lifetime!  

Slowly but surely I created those steps which I'm so happy to share with you so you too can activate your personal power and  begin moving towards the lifestyle of your dreams.  Begin your journey today, don't wait another moment you know you deserve a lifestyle by design.

The Five Phases of Attaining A PMA - Positive Mental Attitude

The five phases of attaining a Positive Mental Attitude that supports your paradigm shifts to attract anything that you want into your life are;

  • Self Awareness
  • Intention
  • Freedom Shift
  • Implementation
  • Success

Throughout my research of a positive mental attitude and goals achievement I've found that repetition most definitely plays a huge position in personal achievement. With that said I encourage you to go after your goals with attitude and focused action, after all we only get one bite of the cherry so it may as well as be a good one. 7 Powerful Steps To Success will support you on your journey.

How I Get Results

"Understanding exactly what you want to achieve and then crafting together the strategies necessary are given to you in 7 Powerful Steps To Success.  

Each step will equip you with techniques which when implemented will support you to move forward and reach your potential.  

I'm confident that as you read through the book and begin to use the steps I lay out  in my system you'll discover how those exact same 7 powerful steps I and thousands of my clients use on a daily basis can also benefit and help you create the lifestyle you truly desire.

Your success is about you choosing to transform your habits into new proactive and exciting actions that bring you the results you deserve.

To achieve the results you want I encourage you to follow the steps I share in the book. Use the steps on a daily basis to feed your mindset with inspirational thoughts and forward moving language. Slowly but surely you'll turn your thoughts into a dynamic thought processing machine to expand your vision.  Your life will be filled with all the things that are important to you, those things that mean so much in all areas of your life, your own self worth, your relationships, your spiritual self and health as well as your financial security."


As you read each section within the book you'll learn how to move through the five phases of personal growth that support your transformation. It doesn't matter how ambitious your goal might be, large or small the important thing to remember is that repetition of powerful forward moving thoughts and actions will move you towards your desired goal.  My intention is to help you achieve your goal.

7 Powerful Steps To Success

7 Powerful Steps To Success

7 Powerful Steps To Success

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